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Here you will see some of my favorite "Leopards" of the wild.      There is a rich and diverse group of genetics here and all are used as inspiriation for my breeding program.    You'll find many of these cats traits represented in Traipse Bengals.


The Charcoal or Melanistic Colors with Patterns -  Irimote Cat, Black Jaguar

The Longer fur of the Snow Leopard

The "Spot within the Rosette" of the Jaguar

The Broken rosette pattern of the Leopard

The Clarity of Color/Pattern/Contrast of the Leopard, Jaguar and Ocelot

The long line rosette (Chipmunking) of the Ocelot

The Chunky Block pattern of the Clouded Leopard

The huge rounded eyes of the Asian Leopard Cat

The White/Silver color of the Snow Leopard




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