Silvercastle Storm Cloud of Traipse
TICA Champion 06/15 
SBT 090614 041
Clouded Leopard/Jaguar - Rosettes
Sire:  Wildstyle Narcissus of Silvercastle
Dam:  Silvercastle Shinning Cloud


Thanks to Woo-Chan Shin of Silvercastle in Korea for this amazing boy!!!     I first set eyes on him while at On Safari in New Mexico and fell in love with his Jaguar style "Spot inside the Rosette" as well as the block style rosettes that looks like a Clouded Leopard.....     
When I picked him up, the love affair continued as I felt his strength and muscle mass.     He is so dense for his size that it is truely surprising......      I'm sure this is why he received a few Finals at On Safari 2015 and am pretty sure that he would have gotten "Best Kitten Rosettes" had he been able to be at the conference prior to that judging taking place.
Stormy carries for Melanistic so we can create both Charcoals and Melansitcs kittens with him :)        He is also homozygous for spots so every kitten he produces will always be spotted -   No Marbles from Stormy!  :)

Genetic Test Results:

Colorpoint:    C/C - No Snow

PK Def:   N/N -  Does not carry for PK Def

Marble:   TaM/TaM - Homozygous for Spots!!

Agouti:   Carries Melanistic (Sire is)

Dilute:   D/D - No Dilute

Long Hair:   N/N - No Long Hair

Pictures and Pedigree for Stormy below:
Pictures of Kittens from Stormy:

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