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Traipse Soot Smudge
SBT 051314 019  - Charcoal Bengal 


Smudge comes from one of my favorite boys here -  MOTO.      Smudge has an amazing 10 ALC's in her pedigree!    This is a record in as only about 20 ALC's were used to create our breed :)
Smudge's Apb (Charcoal Agouti Allele) comes down from "Phantom" -  He's a 5th ALC contributing to the Charcoal Bengals and important because almost all Charcoal "apb" alleles come from only 4 ALC ancestors.    (according to
Smudge is the full sister to the #3 bengal kitten in TICA 2014/15!!  (Crash) and Aunt to our upcoming Stud "Sasquatch"!



Colorpoint:  C/C

PK Def:   N/N 

Pattern:  TaM/Tab - Carries Marble 

Agouti:  Apb/a -  One Charcoal and one Melanistic alleles.

Dilute:  D/D -  Does NOT carry for Blue

Long Hair: N/M4 -  Carries for Long Hair

PRA B:  N/N - Does NOT carry for PRA Bengal Blindness

HCM:  Scanned Clear 10/16

Heart Scan (HCM) Normal  10/16

Sire:   DGC Chunky Moto 


Sire:   CH Sparrow


Pictures & Pedigree of Smudge below:
Pictures & Pedigree of Smudge as a kitten below:
Pictures of past kittens from Smudge below:
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