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Kingsmark Ebony Silver Raven
"Twilight" Charcoal Spotted Bengal 
TICA Double Grand Champion - 9/2015 
SBT 111613 003
Retired in January, 2017


Raven is our Twilight Charcoal Stud here at Traipse!


Raven is what I call a "Twilight Charcoal" Bengal (Apb/Apb Agouti alleles) which means that he has two copies of the ALC Agouti allele rather than just one.   He is a lighter version than the Charcoal/Melanistic bengals (Apb/a) -  I call these "Midnight Charcoals".    These darker Charcoals have one ALC Agouti gene and One Melanistic -  the melanistic brings a darker tone to their coloring creating a stronger Mask, Cape and overall coloring.    


His best traits so far are:    Double Charcoal, Tiny ears that are rounded (not triangular), good ear placement, Nice head type, thick medium length tail, soft coat, high contrast (for a Charcoal) and sweet personality.


Raven is a little bit of shy sweetheart -   I showed him in 2014 and he rolled around in his enclosure just loving the show environment!     It just goes to show you that we can never truly know how a Bengal will act at a show until we put them in the ring ;)    Raven would have shown better if it wasn't for the fact that the #3 bengal in the world was competing -  Another Traipse Bengal named Big Mac.   He's managed to get 5 finals so far and is only one more away from his "Grand Champion" Title.


Raven comes from Karen Sausman at Kingsmark Bengals -     Karen has been breeding for over 50 years and her experience shows in the quality of cats that she produces.    Thank you Karen for letting me have this GORGEOUS boy and for being my new breeding friend!!!  


Raven is now retired and living a happy life in Oregon!     His last litter is expected February 2017 



Raven's Genotype Information: 

Colorpoint:  C/C  Does not carry for Snow/Seal             

PK Def:    N/N  

Agouti:   Apb/Apb   Twilight Charcoal!!   

Marble:  TaM/TaM - Spot Only -  No Marble

Dilute:  D/D -  No Dilute

Long Hair:    N/N    No Long Hair

PRA B:  N/N - Does NOT carry for PRA Bengal Blindness

HCM:  Scan appointment 11/16


Note:  Sample sent in was lost in UPS mail and was degrated upon arrival -   We may retest to confirm or wait to see what he produces!


Sire:  Bronze Leopard        Dam: Ebony Reflection  (Click photos for parent pages/photos/pedigrees)


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 11/16

Pictures, Pedigree & HCM Scan for Raven below:
Awards for Raven below:
Pictures of past Kittens from Raven below:  
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