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Dadaelis Smoky Quartz of Traipse
aka: "Q", "Fuzz Bucket" and "Q-pid"
Smoke Spotted Bengal
(Silver & Melanistic/Solid/Non-Agouti
TICA:  SBT 032218

​I couldn't help myself from falling in love with this little guy!    I've been looking for a Cashmere Bengal (Longhaired) for quite some time and the right opportunity just never came up until now.    This boy comes out of Sparrow who is Sasquatch's Grandmother :)   She now lives back with Marilyn and helped to create this boy!    

Q is a Silver as well as a non-agouti -   He also has a beautiful Smoky Quartz color tone that washes over his Silver which is where his name comes from.


I thank Marilyn so much for letting me have him for my breeding program :)     He is just so sweet and adorable -  I can't wait to see what he can produce.

Here is some important genetic information for Q -  His test results are expected by 8/15/18:



PK Def:   N/N  

Colorpoint:  C/C -  No snows

Agouti: a/a - two "non-agouti" alleles aka: Solid/melanistic

Marble:  Testing

Dilute:  D/D - No DIlute

Long Hair:  M4/M4

Generations from earliest ALC:  TBD

Note:  As of 7-20-18, Q had a full genetic test done by Optimal Selection which tests for over 40 diseases as well as various other genetic traits.  Please see his results at the bottom of the page.  Q is CLEAR of all currently known diseases.

Sire:  Dadaelis Maverick

Dam:  CH Dadaelis Jacks Sparrow of Traipse

​   (Click photos for links above to their parent Webpages)


What does Q's color style means for his kittens?

1. I believe he is a Smoke (Silver & Solid/Melanistic/Non-Agouti) Spotted Bengal which means he can create the following:

     a.  Silver Spotted Bengals

     b.  Smoke Spotted Bengals

     c.  Brown Spotted Bengals

     d.  Midnight Charcoal Spotted Bengals 

     e.  Black Spotted Bengals (Like a black Jaguar!) when paired with a female who carries Non-Agouti like Film Noir.

NOTE:  He will bring one of his non-agouti alleles to each and every one of his kittens regardless of color/pattern genes that come from the mother of the kittens.   This creates cats that "Carry non-agouti" which makes them darker in color, higher contrast and can keep fading from occurring later on in the kittens lives.  This allele (while recessive) still usually influences the color and pattern of the kittens/cats by making them darker.

2. If he carries Snow, there will be additional colors/patterns.

3.  If he carries for Marble, there will be additional colors/patterns.


Q at only 3 months old - 


Pictures & Pedigree for Q below:
Ribbons & Awards for Q:
Q is considered "Smoke" Spotted Cashmere(Longhaired) Bengal (Silver color combined with Non-Agouti pattern darkens up his coat) -  This Color is only able to be shown in TICA and CFA under "New Traits" which means he can't compete for titles.
Pictures of Q as a kitten below:  
Pictures of Q's kittens below (Coming Winter 2019): 
DNA Screening for Q from Optimal Selection 07/20/18:
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