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Our Cattery/Home is located on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA -  We personally raise each kitten with love, care, attention and a LOT of clean secure space for their development, safety and enjoyment!      Our cats are very well socialized as you can see from all the Facebook comments!

Outdoor Areas

Thirteen large outdoor runs - All between 50 and 150 square feet

7 Indoor areas accompany the ​outdoor runs for inside creature comforts, food and water.

Windows, heated pet beds, heated shelter, Cat Wheels, etc.  All for the better enjoyment, safety and security of the cats.

Kitten/Cub Areas

Two bedrooms like the photo below are set up to house expectant and nursing queens as well as kittens for their first 2-3 months of age.

it's clean, secure and each litter is contained separately from other Queens/Cats/Litters for health reasons.

Our Home

Queens and older kittens are often able to live freely in the main part of the house (as long as they get along with others :)

​​Lots of levels with furniture and cat trees arranged for great play!

Physically and Mentally - Safe, clean and stimulating

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