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Mimosa Midnight of Traipse
SBT 032616 046 - Snow/Seal Mink Spotted
He is also a "Non-Agout"
aka:  Solid/Melanistic


Just take a look at the pictures of Dragos as a kitten to see his stunning eyes -   They looked like a Dragon to me and gave me his call name: Dragos.     These are good photographs to see how color comes in as kittens grow up....   In his kitten photo, his eye's looked solid green but when he grew up, the light blue inner ring became apparent.    It's very interesting to see how cats develop.

Dragos came to me from Germany through Andreas and Mary Mueller.  I thank them SO MUCH for allowing me to bring him to Traipse to meet all of our Pretty girls here :)    I'm so excited to see what he will produce because he is a "solid"!      This usually means that any of his kittens, regardless of color, will be darker than those that don't carry a non-agouti allele.   THis dramatically helps a Bengals Contrast, ability to keep the color longer in life and having very rich colors with a dark espresso outer ring to the rosettes.      I'll be sure to post many photos in his kitten photo sections below as we start to use him for breeding.

Dragos will also be able to produce kittens that look like a Black Jaguar!!  You can see the rosette spot pattern only in bright sunlight - otherwise they look like a  solid black cat.     I can hardly wait!     His personality is so friendly and sweet -  He will be able to pass this on to his kittens and help level out some of the more "wild" personality traits that seem to come along with the Charcoals because we are working with more ALC wild DNA. (my belief)

Here is some important genetic information for Dragos:


PRA B:  N/N by Parentage

PK Def:   N/N - by Parentage

HCM Scans:     

Colorpoint:   Cs/Cb - MInk Colorpoint

Agouti: a/a - two "non-agouti" alleles aka: Solid/melanistic

Pattern:  Unknown - test requested  

Dilute:  Unknown - test requested

Long Hair:   N/N by Parentage

Generations from earliest ALC:  9


Sire:  CH Von Palandes Leo

Dam:  Vom Kranichsberg Jolie Mon Amour

​   (Click photos for links to Mary and Andreas Mueller's website in Germany - where the parents live and Dragos was born)


What does Dragos color style means for his kittens?

1. He is a Snow/Seal Mink Spotted Bengal

    He can make:

     a.  Snow/Seal Lynx Point Spotted Bengals

     b.  Snow/Seal Mink Spotted Bengals

     c.  Snow/Seal Sepia Spotted Bengals

     d.  Brown (Black) Bengals of al brown/red/gold  color tones when bred with a Brown Female.

     e.  Silver Bengals when bred to a Silver Female

NOTE:  He will bring one of his non-agouti alleles to each and every one of his kittens regardless of color/pattern genes that come from the mother of the kittens.   This creates cats that "Carry non-agouti" which makes them darker in color, higher contrast and can keep fading from occurring later in his kittens lives as this allele (while recessive) still usually influences the color and pattern of the kittens/cats.

2. He is also a non-agouti Bengal (otherwise known as "solid" and the term "melanistic" has also been used)

    He can make:

     a.  Solid/Melanistic/Non-Agouti Bengals

        i.  Black (like a Black Jaguar)

        ii.   Snow/Seal Lynx Point "solid" (whiter version of Dragos with baby blue eyes - most likely)

        iii.   Snow/Seal Mink "solid" - Just like he is

        iiii.  Snow/Seal Sepia "solid" -  Even darker than Dragos

3.  Midnight and Snow Charcoals - Apb/a for the Agouti Gene.

     a.  If they are "Full Color", they will be Midnight Charcoals

     b.  If they express the Colorpoint Gene, they will be a charcoal snow (LP, Mink or Sepia)

     c.  If they are "Silver", they will be Silver Charcoals.


Heart Scan (HCM) Normal - 2/26/2018

Pictures & Pedigree for Dragos below:
Ribbons & Awards for Dragos:
Dragos is considered "solid" according to the "Uniform Color Descripton" in TICA -   Yes, it is obvious that he has a rosetted spot pattern and what TICA really is reffering to is that each strand of fur is solid and doesn't have multiple bands of colors like Bengals that have Agouti genes (By far the most common coat style in bengals)   The hybrid cats are proving to give so many unique examples of genetic combinations that were not thought possible until very recently!   (Eye color and tail tip color are other aspects of the UCD that can be inconsistant for our Breed) Dragos is a Non-Agouti which is currently not accepted as part of the Bengal Standard so he can not be shown to achieve any titles.   Hopefully this will change soon with the definitions of "Charcoal" that are working towards.
Pictures of Dragos as a kitten below:  
Pictures of Dragos' "Snow" kittens below: 
Pictures of Dragos' "Charcoal" kittens below: 
Pictures of Dragos' "Brown" kittens below: 
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