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"Midnight" Charcoal Rosetted Male
DOB:  2-17-20
10 wks old:  4-27-20
12 wks old:  5-11-20
Pet Price:  $ 3,800
US Breeder Price:  $ +3,000  
Int'l Breeder Price: $ +3,500
SOLD to  Taryn N. (Blake S. next in line if anything changes)

Sire:   Dragos


 Dam:  Maggie



 (Click parent photos to go to their webpages with pics, pedigrees, past litters, health info. etc.)





Colorpoint:   Carries Snow:  Either Lynx Point or Sepia (Sire is a Mink)

PK Def:  N/N - Clear of this disease

Marble:  Both Parents carry Marble

Agouti:   Apb/a  by parentage (Twilight Charcoal)

Dilute:  Sire does not carry, Dam unknown

Long Hair:   Sire N/N, Dam Unknown

PRA Bengal:  N/N by parentage

# Generations from earliest wild ancestor:  9


Note:  Genetic test results are not guaranteed.   Having additional tests done through a separate lab (VGL, Neogen, OS etc.) is recommended if any of these traits are extremely important to your selection -  OS testing is only $99 for 55+ diseases/traits (but takes a month).    Please choose tests early in their age as I can not promise to hold a kitten for you if they are older


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