SHOW NEWS - 2016/2017

This show year is from May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017.    We are entering into a new era where CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) is starting the process of accepting Bengals to their organization!      Last year we received our first "International Winner" as Sasquatch became the 12th best kitten in the WORLD (all breeds), while still getting RW SGC's for Draper and Honey and getting a RW/QGC for Alamo!!    I traveled/showed in Austria, the Netherlands and in Paris for my first foray across the Atlantic with Bengals.     My client Ivonne (Bengalivo in the Netherlands) just got her Best Cat necessary to get the RW SGC title for Comet -    Congrats to everyone and we hope this year is just as much fun!


Note:  Many of these pictures have links to their personal cat webpages/client websites  -  just click the photo :)

CFA in Issaquah -  May 2016

Traipse Mondo Macadamia

Seal Mink Spotted Male


We were so excited to bring out Big Mac to the local show here in Issaquah with CFA.    He's an AMAZING example of the 50/50  standard that we are working with for Bengals.

He's a show stopper -   Super Friendly and amazing ambasador for the Breed and his Color Division!

Here is is posing with Caityn (friend and one of my cattery assistants) along with two other "crazy hair color" girls!    Pam Moser in the middle is our NW Regional Director.    This show was so full of friendly exhibitors and interested judges that I wished everyone could have been there to witness the first CFA Bengals shown in the NW!!

Traipse Around with Sasquatch 

TICA - IW RW SGC and "Best NW Kitten" in 2015/2016


Sassy wow'd the judges with his high energy and friendly disposition -   What a cat this boy has grown into!

Sasquatch will be shown enough this year to get antoher RW title to complete his Lifetime Achievement goal but will skip a few shows so that some of our new contenders can have their day in the sun!

Traipse Dreams Big   "Mr. Big"

Brown Spotted Male 

SBT 081815 070

Thanks to Client Jimmy for allowing us to bring this stunning boy back into our breeding program!!     He has the coat texture and coloring that similar to his sire Morpheus but yet this guy has the boning and structure needed to make him the total package.

At only 9 months old, he's already 13 pounds of solid muscle!!!  He's just incredible to hold and pet -   Super soft, glistening coat -  Just like his daddy!

This boy may not have the temperament for showing....   He was brought to Chehalis and was not enjoying himself so we didn't show him in a ring :(       This sometimes happens when we try to have pet client cats show -   They just are not used to all the smells and sounds of a large cat show and it just doesn't give them that "warm and comfy" feeling.

I have no doubt that this boy would have been a contender if he was shown when he was younger....  Who knows!    Maybe he'll get used to it :)





Traipse All Eyes on Me

Seal Mink Spotted Male 

SBT 020716 020

This boy is going to live with Ivonne at Bengalivo!     She's just finished Supreming a different boy from me -  A Seal LP spotted bengal named Comet!     

This boy has really dense muscle for a Snow Bengal (harder trait to get in this color division) and yet has an amazing pattern and texture as well.    Just a gorgeous boy and only 3.5 months old as I write this...

We'll have to stay turned to see how he develops -   We hope he likes showing as much as his sire "Big Mac"!

(Full brother to "RW SGC Traipse was Stung by Honey Bee")

Traipse Sarsaparilla of Speakeasy (tbd)

Brown Spotted Female

SBT 012516

This stunning girl went out to Chris at Speakeasy Bengals in Boston.    Sass is a full sister to Sasquatch and a daughter to "Crash" who Chris and Gary helped me raise.

Her first show out saw 53 - 61 kittens in her class and she finaled 7 times!    2 of which are Best Kittens from Linda Jean Grillo!

Sass didn't love showing and hopefully her hormones will settle down a bit and she'll find joy in being adored when she has other feline neighbors :)     Time will tell.     THANKS Chris and Gary for showing her!

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