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These are the Bengals in my program who can create:

-Midnight Charcoals (Darkest Charcoal - "Apb/a" for their Agouti genetics)

-Twilight Charcoals (Lighter Charcoal - "Apb/Apb" for their Agouti genetics)

-Melanistic (aka:  Solid or Full Non-Agouti  "a/a") - The look of a Black Jaguar 

-Snow Charcoals (Midnight, Twilight or Solid) -   White/Cream coloring with Darker parts/shading

-Snow Melanistics:  We haven't produced this color yet, but look at Drago's as an example


Bengals who are Charcoal:
Bengal that carry Non-Agouti (Ad/a)
Bengals that carry Apb (Ad/Apb) - Coming soon
USDA License - until June 27, 2022.jpg

USDA LICENSED until 6/27/20!
Inspected 11/18/14, 3/17/15, 4/9/15, 6/1/16, 2/1/17, 12/21/17, 6/20/19, 6/27/20. 6/27/21 and 6/27/22 - 100% Compliance every time!
Not an easy license to get but well worth it for the health and well being of our cat and client families.
Note:  A USDA License is legally required to ship pet kittens anywhere is the US.

King County License 2021-2022.jpg

KING COUNTY LICENSED! TRAIPSE BENGALS is one of only 2 licensed catteries in King County (Seattle, WA) 2013 - 2022!!    

USFW License 070120 - 063021.jpg

Licensed with USFW for Shipping Bengals Internationally.   2011-2021



2019 Cattery of Excellence.gif
2019 Breed Council.gif

I have been on the Benal Breed Committee and Council since Bengals have been brought into CFA.  Also, I have been elected to represent the Bengal Breed Council as their Secretary (leader) for:  May 2019 - April 2021

My responsibility is to represent the Bengal Council by working with members to both maintain and better the CFA Bengal Breed Standard responsibly.



CFA Cattery of Excellence until June 19,





TICA Outstanding Cattery 2020 - 2021.jpg





Do you like Adventure?

Then consider a Bengal Kitten as your next animal Companion.      Living Art – Stalking and Prowling around your home.

These beautiful, domestic sized cats have a touch of “wild blood” in them making them incredibly unique house pets.       They are active, very intelligent and quite connected to their human companions -    they are not the “indifferent” cats that many of us grew up with! 

Traipse Bengals is a TICA Outstanding Cattery and a TIBCS Breeder of Distinction giving you assurances that my cats, kittens and you are all treated exceptionally well.  I currently breed the following (See the links to my other websites by clicking on the "Fur Patch"):

Snow Leopard Bengals

Brown/Gold/Red Rosetted Bengals
Clouded Leopard Pattern Bengals
Blue Bengals (a few Snow Blues)
Charcoal Bengals  (Blacks and Snows)
Melanistic Bengals
(with Spotted Pattern)

Over the past 5 years, I have shown all over the US and Canada.      14 Traipse Bengals were given a "Champion" or Better title.     Two of them are in the top 20 Internationally!!!     4 of my Cats/Kittens are in line for getting "Regional Winners" this year.  Big Mac even looks like he'll be the "Best Snow Bengal" for 2015 Internationally with TICA!!! :)

If you are interested in this breed, I encourage you to come up to Tiger Mountain and meet some of my adults -    There is such a wide variety of beauty within this breed that pictures and video just don’t do them justice.    You will appreciate seeing and meeting them in person!      It’s also the best way to build your own list of preferences so that when you take home your new kitten, they grow up into an adult that you’ll be thrilled with for years to come.


Thank you for vising our website! 

206 422 4370

Located in Issaquah, WA  -  Near Seattle, Washington in the Northwest part of the US.

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